Located in the eastern zone of India, 60 km away from the capital city of Odisha, i.e. Bhubaneshwar, lies another significantly interesting pilgrimage city known as “Puri”. This traditional city holds veneration for being known by numerous names from the ancient times. Highly renowned as “Jagannath Puri” or “Purusottama Puri”, it is also one of the popular dhams (site) among the four dhams as per the Hindu mythology. “Jagannath” symbolizes the “Lord of the Universe”, and Puri is considered to be the abode of the Lord. If you have decided to embark on the Puri sightseeing tour, you are surely going to feel the magic in the air. This city of beliefs attracts hundred thousands of visitors from every part of the world each year. The major source of this pious city’s economy contributes to the tourism sector and hence the transportation of all sorts is well taken care of. You can very well approach Puri via rail, road or plane. Also, there are myriad of wonderful food options, restaurants, hotels and resorts available to make your stay enjoyable. Start planning for Puri hotel booking to arrive in the pleasing months from November to February or during the eye-grabbing annual festival of Rath Yatra (also known as Car Festival) in June/July. Connect to the travel agents in Puri, and you will come across a decent number of cool itineraries. Puri is world recognized for its culturally rich heritage and worshipping centers such as Jagannath Puri Temple and Konark Sun Temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site). For those who are deep devotees of Hindu religion, completing “Pancha Tirth Yatra” (five spots of sacred bathing) is not less than a true blessing! The remarkable Narendra Sarovara, Puri Lighthouse, Raghurajpur Artist Village, and Sudershan Craft Museum reflect the perfect blend of the conventional era and the modern age customs of the city. Unleash your excitement by exploring the fun at the “Puri Beach” and the “Konark Beach”. Both are highly acclaimed for being the “Travelers’ Choice 2017 Winner”. Other interesting water bodies are Baleshwar beach, Swargadwar beach, Daya River. Ask your tour operator of Puri to include these popular adventure sites where you can be more close to nature: Chilika wildlife sanctuary (mainly for spotting Dolphins), Chilika lake, Balukhand wildlife sanctuary, Nalabana bird sanctuary. This pious city of Puri is acknowledged for its noteworthy cultural art and craft. It is worth watching the Odissi dance events and the phenomenal sand art activities in the tour package for Puri. The number of creative sand artists is on a rise and watching their outstanding art work on the beaches of Puri is a great delight. Appliqué art is another recognized craft of the city that has its imprints on household textiles, deity dresses, umbrellas, canopies, carry bags and fancy items often bought by the tourists. Puri is not only a religious destination but also an incredibly entertaining holiday spot for nature and adventure lovers. Come, drape your senses in the unforgettable colors and blessings of Puri.