Here’s a selective list of the best local markets in Delhi, so charge up your spirit and have a pleasing shopping experience.

Connaught Place

A noted commercialized central hub, Connaught Place is popular for its intricately beautiful architecture, skyscrapers, central park, and movie theatres. You can get great deals here, be it window shopping or a customized thing. Apart from the branded showrooms and fine emporiums, there are some amazing markets around. Hop to Janpath and Tibetan Market, they are best known for buying apparel, accessories and décor items at bargained prices. Visit Palika Bazaar if you wish to have second hand or high copy electronic devices.

Lajpat Nagar (Central Market)

Lajpat Nagar is a delightful market located in one of the renowned Delhi shopping areas in southern zone. Celebrated brands add to its likeability factor. You may wish to possess regular things or fancy stuff, the central market has it all to satisfy your shopping bug. Hence, the locals claim it to be the best shopping market in Delhi. From road side stalls to high end outlets, you have a lot to choose from! Be it eateries, beauty salons, fashion boutiques, or modern age appliance outlets; the fun to explore the wide variety is never ending!

Chandni Chowk

Being one of the biggest and oldest Asian markets, Chandni Chowk demands no introduction in particular to prove its USP. Primarily considered as a one-stop solution to cover everything on an Indian wedding checklist, the market is well known for wholesale trade in diverse range of all sorts of products. Along with the traditional delicacies, this Old Delhi shopping hub presents the finest collection of expensive metals like gold, silver, diamond, etc. Overlook its chaos and you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Sarojini Nagar

A super hit spot of the current generation, Sarojini Nagar offers a fair deal to all those interested in reasonable local shopping in Delhi. Majorly known for its trendy clothing and accessories, this market is like a dream bazaar for all the shopaholics who wish to buy in budget. Know the art of bargaining, and you are all set to redecorate your wardrobe at a real cheap price. The originality quotient may be low but it is all well when you do not want to loosen your pocket. Sun-glasses, junk jewelry, funky caps and hats, hair wigs, hand bags, etc. are some of the sought-after items.

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is an open-air art and craft bazaar that highlights the Indian culture and creativity. Located in South Delhi, it is more than two decades old. This noteworthy destination amuses all the travelers with the awe-inspiring craftsmanship from different Indian states. If you wish to feel the beauty of traditional handicrafts market, this is a must visit spot. Apart from distinct dishes of various states, you get to explore the exclusive collections such as wood carvings from rose and sandal, exquisite fabrics and footwear, metallic wares, etc. You can also grab the pleasure at the other two recently opened branches of Dilli Haat (one in north and the other in west zone).