Old Delhi Tour – The City of Royal Grandeur and In-Vogue Trade

Shahjahanabad, the city of tales reveals the chronicles of reigns and ruins; art and architecture; color and customs. It witnessed the royal Mughal influence for around 200 years until the British invasion in 1857. The city was then renamed as “Old Delhi” and continues to be known by the same name till date, apart from […]


Ahmedabad – The Pride of Gujarat

Gujarat’s largest city, Ahmedabad welcomes its patrons with an alluring breeze of culture, cuisine and color. Also known as “Manchester of the East” for being the second largest cotton producer of the nation, it has a history of different names – Ashaval, Ashapalli, Amdavad. The present day name, “Ahmedabad” owes its legacy to its ruler […]


Puri – The Pious City of Peace

Located in the eastern zone of India, 60 km away from the capital city of Odisha, i.e. Bhubaneshwar, lies another significantly interesting pilgrimage city known as “Puri”. This traditional city holds veneration for being known by numerous names from the ancient times. Highly renowned as “Jagannath Puri” or “Purusottama Puri”, it is also one of […]

Akshardham temple in delhi

Akshardham Temple – Delhi’s Most Panoramic Spiritual Site

Akshardham Temple or Swaminarayan Akshardham is a magical culmination of belief, ancient wisdom and spirituality. The grandeur of this 60 acres magnificent structure cannot be captured through pictures or videos but can only be felt by personally being there. Consider this mesmeric monument as a must visit place if you are on the city tour […]

Top 5 monuments of Delhi

The charm of a city truly lies in knowing its cultural heritage and exploring the ancient architecture. Talk about Delhi sightseeing and you’ll come across many such spots. To kick start your city tour we have outlined five best places to see in Delhi. So punch in that energy to learn some fascinating facts about […]

List of the best local markets in Delhi

Here’s a selective list of the best local markets in Delhi, so charge up your spirit and have a pleasing shopping experience. Connaught Place A noted commercialized central hub, Connaught Place is popular for its intricately beautiful architecture, skyscrapers, central park, and movie theatres. You can get great deals here, be it window shopping or […]


My Favourite Destinations of Rajasthan

I’ve been doing several best destinations of Rajasthan lists to round out the year, and initially had a Top 12 and most beautiful Destinations of Rajasthan list in the making. But then I decided to scrap it – 12 wasn’t a right number.  I decided to narrow it down to the destinations that REALLY amazed […]

Meandering and inalienable Experience, with Golden Triangle Packages

Being a Delhiite torn with the work pressure, crawling beneath the heavy Delhi Gurgaon traffics, the Golden Triangle Package gives me the perfect sky to rekindle my soul. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur Tours, where I or anyone can actually find their lost souls. Golden Triangle Tour offers to be in the midst of peace and serenity, at some […]

India, the land where Paradise falls!!!

One of the biggest fact of the world, India – The Incredible India is the best known for its amalgamation of diverse cultures; which brings India on top on the list of tourists for vacations, holidays, and trips. You can get the best travelling experience anywhere, but India is the only country where you can […]