Akshardham Temple or Swaminarayan Akshardham is a magical culmination of belief, ancient wisdom and spirituality. The grandeur of this 60 acres magnificent structure cannot be captured through pictures or videos but can only be felt by personally being there. Consider this mesmeric monument as a must visit place if you are on the city tour of Delhi. Hire the travel agent in Delhi that arranges your tour to Akshardham temple in the initial days of your stay in the city. Well, the reason is that you get to know real things about the ancient Indian civilization and get a taste of insight-fully rich heritage. Attracted by approximately 70% of Delhi sightseeing visitors, Akshardham is one of the top visited tourist spots and highly recommended by the tour operators in Delhi. Akshardham symbolizes the home of God and depicts an eternal era of bliss. The exhibitions, thematic gardens and the water show form the major attractions apart from the breath-taking immersive scenic sights in all the directions. The foundation of Akshardham is purely constructed on the principles of Vastu Shastra, and depicts immaculate carvings of flora-fauna, dancers and holy entities. Ten massive gates stand huge to welcome you into this mystical land of art and cultural beliefs. The mystery related with these gates is influenced by the blessings from ten different worlds in ten different directions. Every piece of architecture that you witness has an interesting story. Essentially, Akshardham temple is inspired by the Hindu yogi, Swaminarayan whose colossal shiny idol is embossed right there in the central hall as you enter the premises. There exist over 200 statues of other Hindu deities and gurus that constitute the sacredness of this holy abode. It is recommended to reach Akshardham past 12 in the noon as it is only a half day affair. Start your tour of the complex by visiting the central dome; hanging around the charming Lotus Garden; watching Swaminarayan’s biography on Delhi’s first large format gigantic screen in the Neelkanth hall; exploring over 10,000 years of Indian heritage through the Sanskruti Darshan cultural boat ride. Proceed to wait for the sunset as the magical Sahaj Anand multimedia water show starts post sunset. This water exhibition is not less than a dream and it is bound to transport you to a blissful state where you discover the circle of life. Do not leave without grabbing your copy of that picturesque shot with the temple in the background. That’s indeed a memory to cherish for long! Akshardham looks pristinely divine in the day as well as in the dark; it would be great if you could manage to pose for your professional photographs with this spectacular wonder, both, at the day and at the night. Also, the souvenir shop and the food court welcome to fill you with delightful offerings. At the end, I am sure you’ll thank your tour operator as you carry an intensely memorable experience, enriching your heart with joy and making your spirit rejoice in peace.