I’ve been doing several best destinations of Rajasthan lists to round out the year, and initially had a Top 12 and most beautiful Destinations of Rajasthan list in the making. But then I decided to scrap it – 12 wasn’t a right number.  I decided to narrow it down to the destinations that REALLY amazed me this year, without adding any fillers. Here are the amazing 5 destinations that impressed me the most in Rajasthan:


One of the nice surprises about Jaipur is that you’ll find Pink Colour all over the city! Jaipur is not only beautiful in its royal palaces, distinct architecture, and delectable food, but it’s also incredibly affordable. Things cost really lesser what they do in other parts of India. As one of the Rajasthan’s most popular destinations, people from the world flock for its colourful and lively culture and the city for the history. I love Jaipur; it’s cheap; it has delectable food, camel rides, astonishing palaces, forts and friendly locals. It is one of the Rajasthan’s best destination to hop in for your vacations. Jaipur is Rajasthan’s capital with a lot to offer travellers at really affordable prices. Visiting the historical palaces and learning the former royal family’s history. The major tourist attractions are City Palace, JantarMantar, Hawa Mahal, and Amber Fort.


Bikaner is synonymous with a lot of things – rich cultural heritage, magnificent palaces, forts, exquisite temples and not to forget about the Great Warriors of this city. Bikaner is filled with beautiful, medieval museums, wonderful palaces, and picturesque wildlife Sanctuary. The city of Rajput Prince, Bikaner; has hoards of attraction points like Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Gajner Palace, Bikaner Camel Safari, Ganga Singh Museum, Sadul Singh Museum, and Jain Temple.


Jaisalmer is intense. It’s chaotic. It’s colourful. It’s breath taking sights. It’s a mirage from an olden era. My time around the city was challenging but it was a reminder that the best part of travel is learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable. For two days, I gorged myself on delicious Local Cuisine, drank my body weight in mint tea, hiked, and absorbed the sights and sounds of Jaisalmer. From the high forts to the desert to the coasts, Jaisalmer is an amazing city that hits all traveller’s senses. For tourists the best places to hop on are Desert National Park, Jaisalmer Fort, Patwonki Haveli, and the BadaBagh.


Now with the mesmerizing memories of Jaisalmer I head towards Jodhpur and yes if you too are interested in the Heritage Sites you can extend your vacations for Jodhpur. There’s no better place than Europe, as it has the greatest concentration of sites. Jodhpur is famous for its Brahmin – Blue Cubes homes whose roofs are painted with blazing Blue. They are symbolic of Brahmins. Its medieval and fragrant streets can easily capture your imagination. Mehrangarh, the mighty fort that pylons over the Blue city, is a glorious sight and an architectural ‘chef-d’oeuvre’. The sun city has many striking palaces and forts such as Mehrangarh Fort, JaswantThada, UmaidBhavan Palace and Rai ka Bag Palace. Other charms of Jodhpur include Government museum and it’s lovely Umed garden. Other than forts, palaces, lakes, temples, museum: Jodhpur is famous for one thing; its footwear. Try to shop and you will just love it.


When I think of what heaven would look like, I think of the Udaipur. I mean look at that picture above! It just doesn’t look real. But it is, and that’s what makes me salivate every time I think of these beautiful place located amidst of the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan. Unfortunately, isolation and a pristine environment needs time to be devoted, and a trip to the Udaipur would need mega days of your busy life. This is not only a weekend destination. Ever. This city caters to honeymooners, celebrities, and high-end tourists. But if you have the time, then this place should be on the top of your list of places to visit. The lakes here are uncrowded, untouched, and void of any structures. They are lakes heaven. The lakes water is clear, and pristine. The walk from the streets, along the coastline to Aravalli Hills is awesome – and the lake at the end is magnificent and deserted. Udaipur has transformed in to some of the world’s most exclusive vacationing destinations. Other than the lakes there is a huge range of historical, cultural, and natural attractions in this city, like City Palace, Saheliyonki Bari, Jain Temples, Kumbalgarh, Jag Mandir Palace, and Classic Cars Museum.

Typical Costs:

Accommodation – Depending on the area you are traveling to, you can select the best and cheapest hotel deals. During the off-season, it really saves your pocket. Budget hotels begin around 1000 INR per night for a twin bed room. If you really looking for a royal treat, then rooms begin around 2800 INR per night. Expect to pay double during peak season (September to March) which can go high as 5000 INR per night. Food – These 5 cities are known for the Rajasthan Cuisine food. Restaurants will cost about 1500 INR (2 Pax) for a nice dinner, even in the tourist area. If you add wine, expect to pay about 2000 INR. A meal at a very luxurious restaurant will begin at 2000 INR. If you really want to taste the royal flavour, then try out Royal Rajasthan food. You will also find the continental cuisine, but trying out local is what I suggest. Buying your own groceries will cost around 1500 INR per week. It’s easy to eat cheap in Jaipur. Transportation – Because these cities have a lot of Palaces, lakes, museums, temples you will be dealing with lots cycle-rickshaws and auto-rickshaws. Expect to spend an average of 200 INR per trip, though you could spend as little as 100 INR if your attraction points are really close together. The local transport like Buses and trains are around 60 INR per trip. Which of these cities would you like to visit or love the Most?