Being a Delhiite torn with the work pressure, crawling beneath the heavy Delhi Gurgaon traffics, the Golden Triangle Package gives me the perfect sky to rekindle my soul. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur Tours, where I or anyone can actually find their lost souls. Golden Triangle Tour offers to be in the midst of peace and serenity, at some point looking at the Taj Mahal in Agra a stirring happens within me. This stirring pushes me to a whole new beautiful and bountiful world of love. it makes feel like a new fully loaded and supremely charged battery. Golden Triangle Package includes the cities of angel “Delhi-Agra-Jaipur” that will have ticking off the major sites and some of the lesser known ones too. Being born and brought up in Delhi, I have seen all the seasons of Delhi and Winter is the best to plan for Golden Triangle Package from October to March. Golden Triangle Tour starts with your visit to the city the Capital, the heart of India “Delhi”. Delhi is a home where different religions, religions, languages, and cultures recline. The funky city never goes to bed, but the best time is to start wandering the grounds and open temples early morning. The city is beautiful, and the historical craftsmanship in the architecture is incredible. From its artistry architecture to its robust historical monuments with exquisite shopping markets, Delhi is considered one of the jazziest cities in India. Delhi is tourists one of the favourite spot in India. There’s so much to see and do in this place that today, I want to share with you are some of the famous tourist attractions in Delhi:
  1. QutabMinar
  2. Red Fort
  3. PuranaQuila
  4. Jama Masjid
  5. Safdarjung’s Tomb
  6. India Gate
  7. RashtrapatiBhawan
  8. Rajghat
  9. JantarMantar
  10. Humanyu’s Tomb
These attractions are worth visiting and you will learn so much about the art scene in the city and a much deeper appreciation will develop for why Delhi attracts so many tourists from around the world. Its narrow lanes, covered in street flavour, hide beautiful cafés and beer gardens. Delhi has a ton of amazing and crowded markets to walk through. Wander down the markets street where you can easily spend a lot of time, doing shopping. I love the Janpath Market in the Connaught Place the most, the market draws an eclectic crowd and makes me want to shop nonstop. You can shop from a wide range of handicrafts like carpets, jewellery, silk, and cotton from CP. Don’t miss visiting the junkiest city. Time to experience the spellbound city “Agra”. beauty and pride of the country “Taj Mahal”. Taj Mahal is historical stands as Epitome of love, the pride of the city that sees over 6 million visitors a year. Come here before it opens and you will get to see a queue of tourists ready to dive in the true being and powerful symbol of love. The sheer grace and purity of Taj Mahal screened in white marble is definitely something not to miss. Besides this most popular sight in Agra, there are other interesting historical monuments and architectural specimens as well. Visit and learn more about its history and remarkable architecture. Now I am super excited as we move to Jaipur – originally founded in 1727, Painted in Pink Colour a source of Pride for The Pink City residents. A well planned rectangular shape city, Jaipur the land of richest architecture, is constructed on a grid like pattern and divided into 9 separate blocks called ‘Chokris’. The highly spirited and colourful culture is the soul of this city. Don’t miss this either too. Now over 250 years old, this estate is a fusion of Royal Italianate architecture and ancient Indian regency, was a result of the creative and imaginative aspirations of the great ruler, builder, a poet and an astronomer Raja Sawai Jai Singh II along with Vidhyadhar who helped in designing the architecture. It’s a city whose charm emerges leisurely. With a weekend, you can see the major and minor attractions which is like having a meal without deserts. Some of the tourist attractions that let you find in inner peace, purity, power, wisdom, love, joy, and bliss are Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, and JantarMantar. The experience of being at these places is supreme and divine. The Golden Triangle Tour helps me awaken and rekindle myself from stress and makes me fully charged once again and all set to return home. This Delhi-Agra-Jaipur tour renews my world and prepares me to plan a new tour with Destinasia Tours. That was my experience with the Golden Triangle Tour, and highly recommend for foreign tourists who are planning in the near future to visit India. Want to share your tips and advice? Please comment below. For any kind of assistance please feel free to contact us .