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Mathura and Vrindavan City Information Guide

Mathura and Vrindavan are Pilgrim places for the devotees of Lord Sree Krishna. The Birth place of Lord Krishna is Mathura; hence Janmashtami is magnanimously celebrated here. Mathura and Vrindavan is part of Brijbhumi (Brij region) and these two shrines falls under the western course of Yamuna.

There are eight Ghats in Mathura and each has a distinct story about Krishna and his eternal lover Radha to Narrate. Few of the temples visited by pilgrims around the world are Dwarkadheesh, Kesadeva temple, Jammi and Katra Mosques.

Vrindavan has more than 5000 temples chanting prayers and performing rituals for the super almighty Krishna. It attracts around 5, 00, 000 travellers each year making it one of the richest religious centres in terms devotion and meditation. It is 15 kms from Mathura and is located in the banks of the River Yamuna. Also, Vrindavan is known as the home to many Hindu Widows. They mainly come from the eastern side and settle down here sacrificing all worldly possessions for the Lord. Every year, a large number of fairs and festivals happen in Mathura and Vrindavan, which also includes drama and dance performing on stories of the lord; therefore gathering admirers from different parts of the country.