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Pushkar City Information Guide

Nothing can be more spectacular than a town that hums prayers, music multiplied by the sounds of the gongs and bells of the temples and dhoti tied Hindu devotees religiously dipping themselves in the 50 plus bathing Ghats offering their prayers to the lord to wash away their sins; yes that’s Pushkar to you.

Pushkar is a religious shrine for Hindu devotees, 11 Kms from Ajmer city in Rajasthan. Though it is a part of Rajasthan, it does not define the Rajasthani tradition of camels, marwad and forts. The town is the sacred pilgrim center for Brahma temples and it is a fact that Pushkar has one of the few Brahma temples of the world.

It is a belief that a pilgrimage should commence from the place of Brahma and hence you would find thousands of religious tourists gathered in this tiny quaint city to offer their prayers.

Apart from the religious and spiritual angle, Pushkar is a fun place to tour too. In the month of November during Karthik Poornima, the city hosts one of the best Camel Fairs attracting throng of travellers. It comprises of more than 11,000 camels. Pushkar has only one main street, which has its quintessential Bazaar displaying array of Rajasthani handiworks and artefacts.