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Cochin City Information Guide

Kochi, more popularly known as Cochin, its colonial name, is a lively city located in one of the most beautiful states of India, Kerala. Comprising a significant portion of the south-western coasts of India, Cochin is a place of breathtaking beauty and landscapes. Offering an incredibly marvellous view of the Arabian Sea, Cochin has also been sometimes called Gateway to Kerala.

The influence of multiple cultures can be seen in Cochin including British, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch. In last few decades, Cochin has become one of the most commercially important cities of Kerala and can be safely hailed as the most important region in the entire south-west coast of Indian peninsula. Cochin proudly boasts of some of the most remarkable ports and harbours.

This city by the sea is surrounded on the west by the Arabian Sea and on the east by the Western Ghats. The mountains, the sea, and nearness to the equator make for unique and pleasant climatic conditions. Originally a small town, Cochin has now grown beyond its boundaries and encompasses much of the adjoining lands. If you are planning for an extensive exploration of heavenly Kerala, Cochin could be safely your starting point as it has an airport that connects with many major Indian and international cities.