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Bodhgaya City Information Guide

Bodhgaya is the place where Buddha, who was Prince Siddharth then, attained his Moksh (enlightenment) and bore the name Gautama Buddha. It is the shrine for many Buddhist Pilgrims who come to visit this tiny yet beautiful temple town in the hopes of a glimpse of enlightenment beneath the renowned Bodhi Tree. The Bodhi Tree which now stands tall and stout in the Mahabodhi Temple complex is yet another tourist attraction.

Every year, the town welcomes thousands of tourists from across the world that comes here to pray, to seek meditation and to study bodh dharam. The ethnic town is surrounded by striking landscapes and serene natures which also make this place a home for satisfying your soul from the chaos of life.

The place now has become more commercial as you could see many guides and street sellers walking through the streets to market their services. Yet, the Tibetan monasteries and the Buddhist temples create undulating auras that attract people towards the tranquillity of this place of worship.

The ideal months to visit this Buddhist shrine in Bihar are October to March. During this period you will see many Tibetan Monks travelling down to the Dharmashala for meditation. Also, if you are lucky enough, you might meet Dalai Lama who generally visits in December and January.