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Special Interest Tours in India

If the choice is to have a wonderful yet unique experience holidaying in India then one of the best options is to avail the special interest tours that are designed and customized specially according to the interests of the travelers. The special interest tours categorically specify activity based tours like trekking in Himalayas, bird watching in the best national parks, culinary tours in North and south India, tribal tours in Orissa, safari tours in Rajasthan and Golf tours in Gulmarg, Kashmir and many others. We at offer exclusively created tour packages tuned by team of professionals and experts so that the holidaying experienced and it s expectation is met completely.

Trekking Tours:

The myriad landscape with the scenic backdrop of the country promises enthralling experience in the trekking tours. Be it any part of the country, any region, there is some excitement and distinctively awe inspiring in every tour. A perfect amalgamation of self realization, pleasure, thrill and adventure, India is an ideal country to explore exciting trekking destinations.

Bird Watching Tours:

The birding expedition is one of the most sought after tours in India. With such a huge collection of sanctuaries, national park and specific destinations for migrated species of birds, this kind of expedition gets more attractive. Destinasiatours in this category focuses on Southern India, Western Ghats, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, bird rich areas of North East, Gujarat and North eastern Himalayan areas.

Culinary Tours:

The mouthwatering culinary expertise found in every corner of the country draws attention of every food lovers across the globe. The diversity in cuisines available here are more exciting since the flavors of North India contrast with flavors of South whereas the east certainly bears difference in taste with the dishes of west India. Again each state and every religion, caste has its own specialties. An in depth analysis have been made to bring specified places under this tour, which provides some of the signature dishes of the country.

Tribal Tours:

Be it the enchanting North east India or the spectacular state of Orissa, the ever beautiful Jharkhand or the fascinating and amusing Chattisgarh, the tribal population of the country is known for its rigid bonding with their roots, customs, inheritance and culture even in the progressive modern world. The tribal tours aims at giving a glimpse of the rich traditions of the pre historic times and become well-known with ancient culture, customs and lifestyle of the tribal people

Jeep Safari Tours:

Another much exciting and adventurous holidaying experience is the Jeep safari tours. Driving through the beautiful and calm countryside, it provides an ideal option to cherish the beauty of Nature even in tough terrains. The best jeep safari tours in India includes Dharamshala, Ladakh, Spiti, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan

Golf Tours:

Since the country is the first one to appreciate and play the game of golf after Britian, it is quite obvious that it holds some of the best golf courses across the country. Apart from the prominent cities the golf courses of Delhi, Jaipur, Gulmarg and Srinagar are quite popular. The team of Destinasiatours is committed to provide best touring experience considering the travelers interest.

Ethnic Textile Tour of India

Ethnic Textile Tour:

Ethnic Textile tour is designed specifically to elevate the cultural facet of India. The country is famous for its supreme and rich cultural gully which remains evident in the traditions, religion, customs, and beliefs, language, and even in their costumes. This particular tour aims at visiting the greatest textile hubs of the country and visualizing the textile weavers and artisans work on design, printing, style and fashion.

Tea Cities of India

Tea Cities of Tour:

Tea Plantation in India has been hugely admired and it has received a lot of popularity in the recent years worldwide. Vacationers from across the world every year visit the Tea estates of the country to learn more about tea plantation and taste different flavors of the beverage.


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