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Luxury Train Tour: An Experience of a lifetime

Railways have served a major mode of transport for the people of India for more than a century. With an excellent network enclosing every corner of the country, the railways serve as one of the preferred transport medium to reach any and every place. But this concept got totally reformed with the advent of the luxurious trains in the country. The means of conveyance, the level of comfort and luxury has increased several folds which attracted not only the Indian travelers but also visitors from abroad. To entertain the tourists with the ride of luxurious trains in India, Destinasiatours organize one of the best train tour programs which allow the travelers to enjoy extravagant locations, scenic beauty, royal heritage of the country along with super deluxe bedrooms, dining, internet, and satellite television as a part rail tour. From Himalayan Railway to Palace on Wheels, South India Rail Tour to Rajasthan tour, Golden triangle to Golden Chariot, there are myriad options for the travelers to choose their preferred rail tour.

Indian Maharaja


One of the first luxurious train tour of the country, this beautiful train includes all massive cabins, Presidential suite, conference car, well designed dance floor, restaurant car and the most favorite spa car. The train travels from Mumbai to New Delhi, via cities like Agra, Jodhpur, Udaipur in Rajasthan. Unfolding the pages of history through prominent tourist destination this is an example of superior luxury.

Palace on Wheels Train Tour

Palace on Wheels

One of the most popular luxury trains, this train provides an ideal tour for 7 days to spend life like the royals. This is an excellent tour from New Delhi to Agra Rajasthan train tour where one can enjoy the beauty of forts and royal cities along with personal butler, fabulous drinks, delicious food and well built salons.