Destinasia Tours & Travel Packages To India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri LankaDestinasia Tours & Travel Packages To India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka
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Bhutan Holiday Packages

With awe-inspiring natural beauty and culture that has been preserved from millenniums, Bhutan, also known as the land of the thunder dragon, is one of the most splendid tourist destinations in the world. This small country of rich and diverse cultural heritage and breathtaking natural panorama lies in the Himalayan kingdom, between India and Tibet. The country is also known for the concept of Gross National Happiness, where joy is paramount over monetary affluence. Bhutan is a comparatively unexplored part of Asia, with the world tourism beginning as early as 1974. Untouched by the outside world, there is something pure and magical about the charms of this country. Being isolated from the rest of the world has allowed the country to preserve its culture, which is profoundly influenced by Buddhism. To protect the largely unblemished landscapes and traditions, the government has put a ceiling on the tourist activities in the country.

A land of majestic mountains, snow capped peaks, incomprehensible ravines, dense and dark forests and unadulterated air, Bhutan takes pride in both its bountiful nature and unique culture. It is a land of architectural inspiration, with its monasteries, fortresses (Dzongs), ancient temples and stupas. It is a place where happiness is the driving force and where people are delightful, warm and friendly.

For spiritual seekers to adventure lovers, Bhutan has something to offer to each and everyone. It is a magical place with deep culture, which is nourished and preserved by the people. It is known for its intricate and vibrant festivals, of which, Tshechu, is the most celebrated with lively mask dances and songs. For those, who seek comfort in keeping close to nature, Bhutan has to offer abundance of flora and fauna, despite its small landscape. The dramatic variation in the altitude, the rugged terrain, snow laden mountain peaks glistening in sunlight and myriad of species of plants and animals, residing in the lush forests of the country, makes this place exquisite. The serenity and the splendid beauty of the place are restful for the soul. For spiritual seekers, Bhutan is a great haven. From contemplative meditations, yoga, native medicines and hot spring therapy, it is a place for truly being one with the nature.

For those seeking adventures, the varied topography of Bhutan has a lot to offer. Whether it is trekking through the dense forests, rafting and kayaking in the clear rivers, cycling through the rocky countryside, hiking on rough trails or camping amidst the nature, Bhutan has it all. The Druk Path Trek is the most famous, six days trek of the country, which provides the opportunity to view some of the most beautiful landscapes and architectural treasures.

Visit this one of the most magical and enchanted places of the world, with exquisite natural beauty, flourishing valleys, pristine glaciers, lush green forests, beautiful monasteries, lofty mountains, magnificent fortresses and enticing tranquillity. It is often called the last Shangri la and rightfully so. The place radiates mysterious beauty, harmony, vitality, lushness, contentment, happiness and wellness.


Magical Kingdom Tour

Destinations Covered : Paro – Thimphu – Paro
Duration : 04 Nights / 5 Days


Discover Bhutan

Destinations Covered : Paro – Thimphu – Punakha – Paro
Duration : 05 Nights/ 06 Days


Enchanting Bhutan

Destinations Covered : Paro – Thimphu – Trongsa – Punakha – Paro
Duration : 6 Nights / 7 Days